Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Installations

Installation View
Installation View: Hauser Wirth, Zürich (Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Textportraits).

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer produced three large-scale gallery installations between 2008 and 2011. In these works, the artist transferred words and images directly to the surfaces of the gallery. Each installation featured 300 textportraits of popular persons. Disrupting the seeming naturalness of the white gallery space, Ueltzhoeffer’s treatment of the walls and ceiling underscored the way in which architecture and social spaces have their own way of speaking and representing the world…

The New York Public Exhibitions 2008/2009 by Holland Shelby.
Ralph Ueltzhoeffer born 1966, Mannheim Germany. The “MISSING” Project 2008 at Ground Zero, Cafe Europe and Chelsea Art Gallery Tomwell in New York City. In 2009 Project “MISSING” at Prada shopping store, New York. In the “Textportraits” images and words are equally used to generate a portrait, understood as the visual representation of an individual. Combining the miscellaneous digital information he composes portraits using the word ”missing” referring to the trait of human cognition to hide daily routine perceptions in “blind spots”. (Joseph Beuys Portrait)

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer: Textportrait Installation "Web 2.0 Indentity".
Installation View: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Title: “Web 2.0 Identity”.

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (Exhibition, Zürich 2009).
Exhibition View: Hauser Wirth Zürich 2009.

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s artistic research is dedicated to the relationship of visual and written information in the digital sphere and their relevance for the beliefs one produces from these data. His search for new forms synchronizing visual and written information reacts and reflects on the internet as an open and central source of information in times of globalization and digitalization of data. In the synopses of visible and readable information he engenders visuals which require new perceptional approaches. More at Kunstforum

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Ground Zero, New York (2008) Installation by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer and Laura Maria May.

Publicspace: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Installation at Cafe Europa, New York in 2008.

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Installation View at: Prada Shopping Store, New York (Soho) by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer and Laura Maria May in 2009.

David Zwirner Gallery
Installation at David Zwirner Gallery, New York by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin
Deutscher Bundestag Berlin (Installation by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer).

Glow 2009 (Ralph Ueltzhoeffer)
Installation Lightart at GLOW EINDHOVEN by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer in 2009.

Jim Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971)

Jim Morrison Portrait

Jim Morrison, Photo Text Portrait: December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971. Textportrait Jim Morrison by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer 2013, 2013 March 14. Biography Text (2013 March 14, 2011 by Wikipedia.org). Text: Jim Morrison – Jim Morrison, James Douglas “Jim” Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971) was an American singer-songwriter and poet, best remembered as the lead singer of Los Angeles rock band The Doors. Continue reading

Leni Riefenstahl

Leni Riefenstahl Portrait by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer 2009 (Textportrait). Biography-Portrait, Text Wikipedia: Helene Bertha Amalie “Leni” Riefenstahl (German pronunciation: [ˈʁiːfənʃtaːl]; 22 August 1902 – 8 September 2003) was a German film director, actress and dancer widely noted for her aesthetics and innovations as a filmmaker. Continue reading

Günter Grass 1927

Günter Grass - Textportrait Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Günter Grass – Biography-Portrait by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (2012).

Text: Günter Wilhelm Grass (born 16 October 1927) is a German novelist, poet, playwright, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor and recipient of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature. He is widely regarded as Germany’s most famous living writer. Grass was born in the Free City of Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland). Continue reading